About Me

my real name is ji — pronounced g, like the letter. it’s a korean name and one i am very fond of. as you know, the letter g became very popular when gangster rap began to use it in the 90s. i shortened my name from ji soo to the easily pronounceable ji which still gets mangled once in a while. sometimes, when i tell people that my name is ji, they’ll squint their eyes and position their ear closer to me. in the professional world, my name is jacob — it’s easier to grasp and very familiar. when i say jacob, it’s pretty much a homerun in the that’s-my-name game.

i am a korean-american male who majored in journalism. i’m not very good at math. i am very good, as i’m told, in writing, taking pictures, and arguing. i used to have a keen interest in politics, but as i’ve gotten older, i’ve become more, how you say — laid back? not that i don’t care what happens, but i’m less of a firebrand and more of an observer. i am a church-attending reformist christian though i’m a little hesitant to label myself as my relationship with God isn’t static and i don’t want to imply that i have all the answers or understand everything. i’m afraid that last sentence has turned you off, but i cannot deny who i am. i love God. i won’t apologize for that.

i also enjoy music — playing and listening. i really, really like movies. maybe i’ll go to film school and make one. maybe.

i am into technology. i have a lot of toys. my room/office is stuffed with electronics. i am scared i will start a fire and burn to death in my sleep.

i used to read a lot. i also used to game a lot. these days, i play a lot of starcraft 2. i’m competitive to the point it gives me headaches. games become work and…well, i am extremist in that regard.

i have ocd. i am a complex person who doesn’t fully understand himself. i struggle. i battle. i sleep a lot. i’m a contradiction. but i know that i am loved.


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